Meet Your Mentor

Addy Stewart

Performance Horse Health Expert

I started riding horses at the age of 9, but the horse-bug had been instilled since birth. Summer camps, trail rides, and coaching riding lessons at the stable I grew up at kept this young cowgirl busy and obsessed with horses.​ I enjoyed dabbling in numerous horse sports from barrel racing, gymkhana, western pleasure, english equitation, showmanship, to dressage; but nothing had me wanting to get out of bed at 5am to hit the road. My herd of horses was also constantly plagued by illness, injury, and lameness, which led me down a 15 year path of horse health education & certifications. ​ Fast forward to 2021 and insert the fast paced sport of mounted shooting. Once introduced to it, I needed to get back in the competition pen. Now combining 15 years of education and research with real life success in the performance pen I am excited to share my knowledge and paths to success with performance horses with my students and follwers.